Deepen your understanding of our project and learn more about our commitment to environmental conservation and local community development. In this section, you will find a collection of informative resources that you can download for free.


These documents are designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of our work and the actions we are taking to make a difference.


Discover the Mejuruá Project and the forest’s ambitious conservation plan, including detailed information on sustainable forest management and the initiatives in favor of the local communities.

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VCS (Verified Carbon Standard)

Learn more about the REDD+ initiative for the conservation of over 900,000 hectares of Amazonian forest – in the municipalities of Carauari, Jurua and Jutai – focusing on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and social development.

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CCB (The Climate, Community & Biodiversity Standards)

Examine the comprehensive impacts delivered by the Mejuruá Project on climate and intended for local communities’ development  and biodiversity conservation.

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