Social, Economic, Environmental impact

Social impact

The project aims to invest around 40 million USD over a span of 30 years, in social initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of local communities.

Environmental impact

By conserving the standing forest, we avoid the emission of 2.7 million tons of CO2 equivalent, on average, per year.
A number that roughly corresponds to:

The annual emissions of 490.000 EU citizens
14.000 airplane flights between Paris and New York
10% of the annual emissions of London’s urban area.
* sources –> International Energy Agency (IEA) Greater London Authority (GLA)

Economic impact

The Mejuruá Project distinguishes itself due to its ability to create employment. Sustainable forest management, wood processing and power generation activities, are estimated to create over 400 new full-time direct jobs and around 2000 indirect positions.

Conserving the Forest will avoid the emissions of approximately 80 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent over 30 years. For being a huge contribution to the global climate balance, these avoided emissions will translate into carbon credits, that in turn will fund the project’s social initiatives.