From the forest towards a sustainable future

The Mejuruá Project is one of the most ambitious forest conservation initiatives ever planned in the Amazon. The project’s size alone is astonishing—the Mejuruá Project encompasses more than 900,000 hectares, including the incredibly biodiverse municipalities of Carauari, Jurua and Jutai.


903,521 hectares

Sustainable Forest Management activities will be initially carried out on around

160,000 hectares

and will be implemented over the residual eligible area, initially conserved intact, at a later time

The new frontier of forestry conservation

The goal of the Mejuruá Project is to take tangible action to conserve the land’s natural heritage, through initiatives that are destined to inspire and influence forestry conservation practices globally.

A one of a kind project

The distinctive approach to sustainable forest management makes the Mejuruá Project stand out from other environmental projects. In its dual mission of forest conservation and direct support to local communities, it produces value in terms of environmental, social and economic impact, fueling a virtuous circle of sustainable growth and shared prosperity.

Our objectives

The Amazon rainforest is not only a natural treasure. It’s also an important stimulus for the developement of its surrounding communities. In our vision, conserving it isn’t just an essential duty, it’s an opportunity to create a sustainable future. Our objectives include:


Conservation of the forest, protection of biodiversity and reduction of GHG emissions


The Amazon rainforest is an essential resource for our planet: we strive towards protecting it from deforestation, preserving its rich biodiversity while reducing global carbon emissions.



Supporting local communities


Every corner of the Amazon tells the story of a community. We collaborate with local people, ensuring that the project directly benefits those who live in this unique environment.



Sustainable income


Through sustainable forest management, we achieve a balance between economic growth and the wellbeing of the environment. In keeping with this balance, the project allows for the issuance of carbon credits whose proceeds will be reinvested into social initiatives to support the local community.


Leading the way in protecting vitality

The project’s conservation efforts will be continually guaranteed using both satellite monitoring, ground patrolling and the collaboration of the local dwellers. Simultaneously, the project’s positive impact will be assessed periodically for its compliance with CCBA standards.

Partnerships and engagement

As the project has taken shape, a range of local associations and authorities have ensured that its initiatives meet the highest of standards.

  • The Fundação Amazônia Sustentável (FAS) provided essential support in identifying the local communities’ needs and promoting its well-being by suggesting initiatives to be implemented along the project and it will provide support for their realization.
  • The Fundação de Credito Educativo (Fundacred) enabled the granting of scholarships.
  • To develop a project of the highest quality, we conducted extensive consultation. Associations, NGOs, and local and state authorities representing specific sectors of local communities were actively involved with the aim of gathering opinions and feedback to understand the needs of the people and respond to them through a well-structured social plan.
  • Because of its size and quality, the project quickly gained the support and engagement of many of these organizations, which are committed to environmental protection and conservation of the Amazon. These include the Governors of the State of Amazonas (with whom a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed), the municipality of Carauari, the Sustainable Amazon Foundation, etc. and local communities.