Producing local economic growth

We create new employment opportunities and stimulate the local economy through novel and sustainable practices that aim to be catalysts for sustainable economic development.

Creating employment opportunities

The Mejuruá Project distinguishes itself due to its ability to create employment. Sustainable forest management, wood processing and power generation activities, are estimated to create over 400 new full-time direct jobs and around 2000 indirect positions.


Conserving the Forest will avoid the emissions of approximately 80 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent over 30 years. For being a huge contribution to the global climate balance, these avoided emissions will translate into carbon credits, that in turn will fund the project’s social initiatives.

Conserving the Forest will avoid a total of 81.7 million tonnes of carbon emissions within 30 years which translate into carbon credits (every tonne of avoided carbon emission equals 1 credit).


This project will thus produce a grand sum of 81.7 million carbon credits within 30 years (77.3 million available for sale). Their proceeds will be reinvested into the project’s social initiatives.

The power of progress:
towards a greener future

At the heart of the project is the vision of shared prosperity—we want to enhance the local economy while increasing the local communities’ well-being. We believe in sustainable and fair economic development and we strive towards creating an abundant and plentiful heritage for all.

Growth of the local trade and economy

The subsequent benefits of the project go beyond the direct investments into a range of local facilities and social services. The increase in employment will in turn produce a higher community income which will indirectly promote the development of the surrounding economy and facilities, increasing the local communities’ well-being.

Installing processing facilities

The project foresees the set-up of a highly technologic wood transformation plant with an adjoining biomass power plant using the wood residues. It will match the facilities’ power needs while offering its surplus to the town of Carauari, thus avoiding/substituting the current Diesel consumption in energy production.

Remarkable job training offer

The local workforce will be granted the opportunity to improve their skills and techniques in environmental management of the forest region.